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Contract Law

Hiram McBeth, Your Texas Business Contracts Lawyer

Business contracts are an unavoidable component of every business. No matter what the size of your business, business contracts play a role in virtually all aspects of your business operations including relationships with employees, customers, vendors, regulators and even your relationships with the state and federal government. The more clear and concise business contracts are from the beginning, the less likely costly litigation will result and the better off you will be.

The Value of a Business Lawyer in these Economic Times

In the current economic times it is sometimes difficult for business owners to rationalize spending money on a business attorney when they feel they can adequately “represent” themselves in contract negotiations. However, this can lead to unnecessary delays, problems and unwanted litigation over contract terms and obligations, all contributing the expenditure of more monies. At the McBeth Law Office, we are sensitive to the constraints of a small to mid-sized business and work hard to represent you according to your budget.

Affordable Representation for Any Size of Business

At the McBeth Law Office, we know what affordable means. It means the cost of hiring a business attorney that does not create a cash flow disruption or negatively affect other aspects of your operations. This obvious, common sense approach is lost on most law firms and business contract attorneys. A business lawyer should enhance, not compromise, your company. The McBeth Law Office has helped its business clients with many different contract matters, including the following:

• Employment Contracts and Handbooks
• Landlord and Lease Negotiations
• Customer Contracts and Agreements
• Equipment Lease Agreements
• Management Contracts
• Non-Competition / Non-Compete Agreements
• Buy-Sell Agreements
• Licensing Agreements
• Nondisclosure / Confidentiality Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Profit Sharing Agreements

Your Business Contract Lawyers

At the McBeth Law Office, we see the big picture. We want to help make your business a success and represent you long into the future. Our fees reflect the realities of business today. We can often work on your matter for a flat fee or a monthly retainer giving you cost-certainty and peace of mind.

We welcome the opportunity to include you among our clients and invite you to call us at 972-498-8872 to discuss your collection needs.