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Labor & Employment Law

Representing Employees and Employers
The McBeth Law Office is dedicated to the practice of labor and employment law. The firm is owned and operated by Hiram McBeth, Esq. a well-known litigator with over twenty five (25) years of experience.

Employment Law Services

For over twenty five (25) years, Hiram McBeth, Esq. has vigorously represented both employees and management in all areas of employment law and litigation. He has successfully handled employment disputes for hundreds of employees.

Whether your situation involves discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, wage and hour issues, or any other workplace dispute, the McBeth Law Office can assist you. Mr. McBeth works in all areas of employment law, including:

• Discrimination law
• Wrongful Termination
• Sexual harassment law
• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges
• Non-compete and trade secret law
• Employment contracts
• Wage and hour and overtime issues
• Retaliation
• Whistle blower and Qui Tam laws
• ERISA and employee benefit laws

Additionally, the McBeth Law Office represents employers in all aspects of employment law. This includes:

• Employment disputes
• Counseling and training for employers and supervisors
• Prevention of employment lawsuits
• Development of employment policies and procedures
• Hiring and termination procedures
• Sexual harassment and equal opportunity employment policies
• Drafting of employment agreements, confidentiality and intellectual property agreements, arbitration agreements and employee handbooks
• Trade secret protection and non-compete agreements

We welcome the opportunity to include you among our clients and invite you to call us at 972-498-8872 to discuss your employment matter.