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Personal Injury

The McBeth Law Office personal injury practice is devoted to protecting our clients’ best interests. If you or your family member has been harmed in an accident, you are going through a very emotional time. With everything you have to deal with right now, choosing a North Texas personal injury attorney can be overwhelming.

The reason to choose the McBeth Law Office us is because we care about the outcome of your case. We work tirelessly to ensure that we maximize the amount of compensation that you receive. Sometimes it is possible to get money very quickly for clients by settling a case out of court. But often times insurance companies are not willing to pay out serious money until a complaint is filed with the court. We are not afraid to play hardball with the insurance companies and file a lawsuit. In fact, we pride ourselves on having a North Texas personal injury practice and love going to court.

This means that you can be assured that our North Texas personal injury practice will not push you to accept a quick settlement, and instead will work as long and hard as we must in order to get you an appropriate settlement or verdict. Filing a lawsuit in Texas can be a long and time-consuming process. If your case is filed in court, opposing counsel will most likely want to take your deposition. A deposition is a time when you appear with your attorney and a court reporter, who writes down everything you say, and opposing counsel has the opportunity to ask you questions are relevant to the case. You need a skilled, aggressive North Texas personal injury attorney at your deposition in order to ensure that the opposing attorney does not ask you questions that violate your constitutional right to privacy, and also to ensure that the opposing attorney doesn’t ask you “trick” questions. For example, “when did you stop beating your wife?”

We welcome the opportunity to include you among our clients and invite you to call us at 972-498-8872 to discuss your personal injury.