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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Matters, YES it does…
At the McBeth Law Office we believe in facilitating successful real estate transactions by looking for legally sound methods to accomplish your goals. Our firm provides legal advice and representation to clients in commercial, residential and agricultural real estate transactions and litigation matters.

Consulting with an experienced attorney about your real estate transaction now, prevents and in some cases eliminates potential claims all together.

The McBeth Law Office provides legal advice, counsel and representation in real estate matters, including but not limited to:

Breach of Contract
Contract for Deed
Quiet Title
Wrongful Foreclosure
Enforcement of Covenants
Filing and Enforcement of Mechanic Liens
And more…

McBeth Law Office has personal experience with many aspects of real estate transactions, and this expertise is added to our ongoing participation in continuing legal education. By maintaining a current understanding of practical, modern real estate law, we are able to prepare mortgages, deeds, residential or business leases, and other documents that can withstand judicial scrutiny in subsequent litigation. Our more than twenty five (25) years of experience has established our reputation among the Texas real estate community, so others can be assured that our clients understand their obligations and can bargain openly and honestly.

We welcome the opportunity to include you among our clients and invite you to call us at 972-498-8872 to discuss your real estate legal needs.